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Stakeholder Liaison > Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is a Stakeholder?
A Stakeholder is a person or group who is directly impacted by the implementation of LAX Master Plan and related projects, such as airlines or other airport tenants, off-airport businesses, area residents and homeowner/community groups, governmental agencies, etc.

What is the function of the Stakeholder Liaison Office (SLO)?
The SLO provides stakeholders with direct access to applicable information on the LAX Master Plan implementation process and serves as a two-way conduit for communication on issues related to the LAX Master Plan.

Why was the Stakeholder Liaison Office created?
A component of the LAX Plan and Specific Plan, the SLO was created by the City Council to ensure public participation in implementation of the LAX Master Plan. It serves as a conduit for communication, facilitating the dissemination of information to and receipt of information form stakeholders regarding the implementation of LAX Master Plan and related projects.

How can I contact the Stakeholder Liaison Office?
You can contact the SLO by mail, phone, E-mail or on the web at:
Stakeholder Liaison Office
One World Way, Suite 219
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Phone: (800) 919-3766 or direct: (424) 646-5185

Do I have to sign-up with the SLO to receive information on the implementation of LAX Master Plan and related projects?
Yes, if you have not received recent mailings, or stopped receiving mailings from the SLO, please register online by selecting the “Register to Receive Updates/Notices” option on this site or by E-mailing us at

Who do I contact if I have general questions about the Airport?
General inquiries can be directed to the LAX General Information hotline at (310) 646-5252

Is the SLO only for people who live in the City of Los Angeles?
No, the Stakeholder Liaison Office is for all individuals, businesses, and other entities that are directly affected by the implementation of LAX Master Plan and related projects.

What can we expect from the SLO in the near future?
We plan to:

  • Provide briefings on project-level Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) for projects going through the LAX Compliance Review process
  • Coordinate with other LAWA divisions as other LAX Master Plan and related projects are developed and forward pertinent project information to stakeholders;
  • Develop committees that represent our proposed stakeholder groups (i.e. Community and Neighborhood Groups, Airlines and Other Airport Tenants, and Off-Airport Businesses); and
  • Provide Informational briefings to local community groups and businesses and other interested parties.

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