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Stakeholder Liaison

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The LAX Stakeholder Liaison Office (SLO) was created to ensure public participation in the implementation of projects. The SLO provides stakeholders with direct access to applicable information on the project implementation process and serves as a two-way conduit for communication on issues related to the modernization efforts at the airport. The SLO is not only for LA residents, it’s for everyone.

The Stakeholder Liaison provides informational briefings on projects at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Some of the activities for keeping all stakeholders involved include:

  • Developing committees that represent our proposed stakeholder groups (i.e. Community and Neighborhood Groups, Airlines and Other Airport Tenants, and Off-Airport Businesses);
  • Posting of notices as early as possible, in advance of initiation of a project so the stakeholder(s) have adequate time to review and comment;
  • Consulting with the airport’s Executive Director prior to recommendation of any project for approval, approval with conditions, modification or denial of a request for LAX Plan Compliance determination;
  • Reviewing “request(s) for review”, establishing who are the appropriate stakeholders, passing the content of the request to these stakeholders, collecting their comments and concerns, then communicating this information to the LAWA Executive Director as early in the project development process as possible for LAWA consideration; and
  • Summarizing consultation with stakeholders for inclusion into the LAWA Executive Director’s written report for transmission to Board of Airport Commissioners for its action on the LAX Plan Compliance request.

To request information or to find out what’s going on at the airport; contact the Stakeholder Liaison’s office at:

LAX Stakeholder Liaison Office
One World Way, Room 219
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Phone (800) 919-3766
Fax (424) 646-9209


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